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Can you hear that, dear reader? It's the call of the True Woods. Amaruq and his packmates are calling to you, bounding over fields of snow, begging you to come play with them! Asking that you come rediscover yourself in the heart of the True Woods....

Do you feel compelled to answer the Call? Then step forward, dear reader -- sign up for Wolff Pack and join us on our romps through wintry nights; join us as we try to save the wild places of the world.

Join the Pack and get a free copy of How to Keep a Human -- the first book from Amaruq on how to train your human for the True Woods. If you feel the need to rewild yourself, How to Keep a Human is the book for you.

As well as getting a copy of Amaruq's excellent book, signing up for Wolff Pack will mean you're first to hear about Kaimana's new releases. So if you can't wait to hear when the next book in the Lord Tyee Mysteries or the Widening Gyre are going to come out, join the Pack!

We're so excited for you to join us!

-Kaimana and the wolfies

PS: Are you also interested in Kaimana's plays, poetry, or non-fiction (written under the name Eva van Loon)? Please use the checkboxes below to indicate your interest, and you'll get notified of new releases, staged readings, performances, and more.
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